Error Krosmaga

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Hoy les traigo este tema tratando de momentos en que se congela el nuevo juego de Ankama Games en estado beta abierta KROSMAGA.

Krosmaga Udapter

Ankama Games Logo - Krosmaga

Carga de Datos - Krosmaga

Logo - Krosmaga

Bueno, empecemos.


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Caso Propio

La verdad a mi me ocurrió un problema parecido a los anteriores.

A mi, el juego no se me trabó en la pantalla de inicio, y no estoy seguro si si puedo o no, desinstalar el juego (y la verdad, ni siquiera quiero intentarlo), sino que lo que me pasó es que el juego se me trabó en un determinado momento mientras estaba realizando la batalla del tutorial (en ese momento, yo estaba grabando la pantalla de mi computador), lo volví a abrir como tres veces más y en todas ellas estaba igualmente que la primera vez (grabando la pantalla de mi computador), y también se me trabó, lo cerré y lo volví a abrir (sin grabar la pantalla), y se me volvió a trabar en el mismo momento.

Aquí les dejo un pantallazo del momento en que se me trababa el juego:

Error Krosmaga 4 - Dentro del Juego

Posible explicación acertada del por qué del problema

En el mismo foro del problema, encontré las dos, y en realidad la única explicación más concreta que se puede dar por el momento:

Posible Explicación del Por Qué del Problema de Krosmaga - Dofus Forums

Si tienes otra posible respuesta, o en caso de que sepas la verdadera razón de por qué está sucediendo éste problema dentro del juego, HÁZMELO SABER DEJANDO UN COMENTARIO, POR FAVOR.


FusionFall: Retro Updates 11/23/2016

After a bit of crunch time, we’re ready for a FusionFall Retro development update! As it stands right now, we’re currently in the final stages of FusionFall Retro. We still have to iron out a few bugs, but most importantly, we’re converting our whole server in order to support the infrastructure we intend on using for launch. We also have to build a couple of tools to ensure the Beta and eventually final release go as smoothly as possible. We thank you for your patience thus far. We’re almost over the hump!

To make up for the silence we’ve had recently we’re releasing two consecutive dev blogs on Friday. So stay tuned for those.

But before Retro’s release, we’ll be doing a quick beta test to ensure our servers can withstand extended player use. We’ll obviously need players to stress test the server. That’s where you guys come in! We’ll be randomly selecting users and inviting them via Email to help us do just that. As we find out what works through users participating in the quick beta, we’ll be fine tuning things, and gathering more and more help. As soon as we have the all clear, we’ll open Retro for everyone to enjoy!

Unlike the previous closed beta tests, this one will last a few days and randomly people will be selected and sent a key via email. All the previous users who had access will keep their access and will automatically be given keys. After this short closed beta period we will immediately launch into an open beta! We will have most (if not all) features readily available but expect there to be some minor issues. In addition, closed beta characters will all be deleted if necessary.

Our original plan when thinking about launching Retro was to use the traditional FusionFall webplayer. However, with most browsers moving towards the deprecation and removal of support for the plugin, we’ve opted for a custom built launcher designed to provide a quick and easy way to boot up both FusionFall Retro and FusionFall Legacy! A standalone client for both Retro and Legacy will yield much better performance and will allow us to provide updates.

Consider this your all-in-one stop for all things FusionFall Universe!

Here’s one of our final mock-ups for what we want the launcher to look like. It’s super quick and easy to use, and allows users to see the latest happenings and news for both Retro and Legacy. We wanted the launcher to fit in with our current Universe aesthetic but remain simple and modern. We think we’ve found a nice balance. You can look forward to using this launcher by this year’s end, as Retro’s release will coincide with the launcher’s release!

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Hoy les traigo el Segundo Capítulo de Prison School Subtitulado en Español.

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